My first Game

I was thinking about my first game of AD&D, how I got into it and how I ended up being the GM, so I thought I’d post it

Back in the early 90′s AD&D was this game played by guys, girls weren’t really something you’d expect to see in a DnD game, now women are more common, some more than others. With World of Warcraft you see hundreds of them, hiding behind computer screens, some are really brave and actually get to the tabletop.
So what happened? Well….
A friend of mine’s cousin played so my friend bought the phb (2nd ed) and they decided they wanted to game, so I managed to grab my brother and drag him along. They really didn’t know what to say at the start, but I made a character anyway.
I made an elven fighter with a bow who’s name was… Umm Legolas (look i bet most of you have done it Tongue out) he was renamed at a later date! (I was reading LOTR and at the time there were NO strong female role models… and the film hasn’t really helped that one, really is Liz Tyler stealing the roles of other elves doesn’t work for me.)

The others made PC’s and we had these characters and we went around Krynn, doing stuff, (we were reading the chonicles at the time, where my love began)… BUT no one was DM… Which we learnt was wrong, so… Guess who ended up buying The DMG? thats right.. me.

I played it how I saw it and we had fun… oh it wasn’t right i know that now.. but it was fun… We didn’t really do it properly, not by a long shot, hell I played a PC and DMed at the same time.

We even tried some modules, i got to be Laurana.. Ice wall, (dragons ice, thanoi were buggers) Oh fun, I never really liked those Knights really…

This carried on for a while untill school ended and I joined a real group, and I ended up DMing again, properly this time, with thought, care and personalities, ie how it should be done!
But, I’ll never forget those early days, the fun we had…

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