Play By Messge Board (PBMB)�.

I’ve once again been a bit naughty with my posting, but now I have something to write about, Lady Winter Wolf has been running a game on the new Planet PBMB server.. and its lead me think a about a few things…

So I was part of the great game LWW is running, and well, honestly, I couldn’t get it, I wasn’t sure what it was…. Then I had an idea…

I read this somewhere, and it’s rather appropriate:

“Pbp is slower than play by chat, which is slower than table top, which is slower than a fist fight.” (I wish I knew who said that).

So what’s the deal?

As soon as the game started I knew I was in trouble, there was no order, not because of lack of control by the DM, but because the “Timewarp” of the Internet (thanks Stik). On a tabletop, you have the whole team thinking in the same room at once, they act as one, but when you are all in different places, different times things simply don’t happen like you expected. Then if you wanted to search a room, you’d tell the DM, you may even show them, or use a miniature, you can’t do that on pbp, it has to be outlined in every detail.

Ppb is so different, it really is, its almost like an Alien concept. There are plus sides, you have time to consider your actions, something else I didn’t do, I was still acting like: act rash think on your feet and act quickly, the way I play Tabletop, part of that was the character, but most of that was me.

So, what about roleplaying?

I’m rusty, I have only just got back into gaming after a very long time, I used to be pretty good player, I get motivation and desire. I understand the system, hell I know a lot of the rules off by heart, not because I’m a rules lawyer, but I’ve used them for a long time.

My character was a dwarven Battlerager, I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere I like playing Elves or half elves, so I felt wring living in his skin. I tried to Role Play his motivations, to portray who he was, but… I don’t think it was right.

So, the game continues, and its going well, LWW is a great DM, the remaining players are getting on well… better off without me….

So what are your thoughts on pbp? What are your experiences, good or bad?

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