All these different versions

After reading some of the 4e players handbook, I wondered if we consider the other versions to be the same game?

1e was the beginning, the original, the rules were not perfect by any means, but it was a system that inspired many others…

2e, its an obvious progression, Zeb cook built on what was already there and enhanced it… The system again had its flaws, that’s to be accepted, but it worked…

Then we get 3e and its other editions. (3.5 & Pathfinder) its from what I can tell is a whole new game, the racial and ability score restrictions have gone… Anyone can be anything.. The historic restriction on multi class are different you can swap classes to get an edge… Even alignments have changed.. Someone said they tried to address the balance and failed… But is it the same game?

Then we get 4e… the “attempt at redressing the balance” goes even further… you choose who you are going to be, then you roll the dice… or not, your choice… you can be as many different races as you have phb’s (what is it 3 now?)

I’m attempting to learn these systems, but its tough… its not the same game and I feel like I’m in my teens again!

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