Is it so bad to have a Character with Low Scores?

Following on from my last entry, I was thinking about a Character with low scores, does it really matter?

Aren’t they great to Role Play??

This entry is about two characters a friend and I used to play, and how their poor scores actually were a hell of a lot of fun..

We had two PCs called Bill & Ben Mitchell, they started off as NPC fighters in a campaign (they ran a Cart Repair Shop in Waterdeep).

These two characters were based on Phil and Grant Mitchell (two thugs from a UK Soap, all brawn and no brain) See below.

Grant and Phil Mitchell

These two characters were created, their abilty scores weren’t rolled, ok so they had 18/00 strength and 18 Con, but…

Bill had 3 Int and Wis, 7 Dex and 8 Charisma, Ben was slightly better with 4 int, and Chr otherwise they were pretty dumb and stupid… so why play these characters? They are the walking definition of the Tank, all brawn and no brain, hell they could barely hold a conversation let alone follow complicated instructions.

I recall once, playing Bill, in true character he simply didn’t understand the idea of Room and Board, he kept stealing floorboards from inns… 

They were so much fun to play, yes they at 5th level they kill pretty much kill anything that moved, tactics didn’t really matter against the onslaught of those twin Bastard Swords (they thought the name was rude), but they couldn’t think for themselves, they had to be lead through adventures by the hand by more intelligent PC’s (who made fun of them behind their backs), you try role playing that? Being too stupid to understand that people are being sooooo mean…

But even to this day, I still love these characters, they only made it to level 9, but that was enough, they retired rich men running an inn called the Queen Victoria.

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