Do we always play the same sort of character?

I’ve been making a character for a PBMB game, and I’ve found myself slipping into my usual style, the same sort of character, she’s a troubled elf, something I play well.

So the character is called Larisse an Elven Mage Thief, someone mentioned she was rather Mary Sue, I term I’ve heard before. The whole idea is a little hard to explain, but the basic principle is writing yourself into a game / book etc (see She’s had a troubled life, a number of issues (quite like myself, although I can’t do magic to save my life).

I know some people play different characters, they Role Play the hell out of them, and some people don’t role play at all, that’s fine, each to their own, there are some people that can play anything.

I usually play Elves, its something I do, I like the way the are, the elven mindset, it fits well with me. I don’t think that’s so bad. I bet most people have a favoured class or race.

So back to the Mary Sue point, the idea of placing yourself in the story, this type of character is seen as being too perfect, too unreal, things go her way all the time and always gets her man. This character had a rather unreal (and thought of in two minutes) connection to a very high member of society, something that would be rather unreal, hence the Mary Sue angle…

I’ve written Mary Sue’s before, unwillingly I might add, I think most of us have, isn’t that the whole thing about playing this sort of game? The characters we play are better than the average man? These characters are more intelligent/strong/wise or whatever, things that would never happen in real life.

Now someone did a test on Bono, and he was considered a Mary Sue, and Good old Wesley Crusher…

I’m making a new PC, for a PBMB right here on the Planet, and he’s going to be a dwarf, the last one of those I played was in a Spelljamming Game in a Con… many years ago, his name was Boris. I have to ask myself, am I doing this to avoid my own stereotype? This character could not possibly be me, is this why I’m doing it?

So there you have it, I wonder if anyone else has done the same thing? Is it that bad….? 

Jen 26-06-10

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