What character creation method should you use?

According to the 2Ed Players Handbook, There are a number methods to create a character, all different, so which should you use?

Method 1:

Roll 3d6 for strength, then dex etc… You’ll probably find your characters have skills between 9 and 12, nothing special, 15+ will be VERY rare.

Method 2:

Roll 3d6 twice, keep the best, assign in order. This will give you higher scores, still nothing amazing, but better than the average man.Method 1:

Method 3:

Roll 3d6 twice, keep the best, assign how you like. This will make your character much more customisable, but there is still no reason to expect high scores.

Method 4: 

Roll 3d6 twelve times, choose whatever ones you wish, the character is totally customisable, but the scores won’t always be high.

Method 5:

Roll 4d6, six times and assign them as you wish, this is the most commonly chosen method, not always because it gives high scores, but because a character can be customised as required.

Method 6:  

Each score starts at 8, the player then rolls 7d6 and adds the full result of each dice to skill as required. This will give a character with some very high scores, and some lower ones.

So they are the methods, but what one should you use??

Most people use method 5, mostly because of the way you can customise a character to however you want, as noted above you can use whatever scores you want but what about the others?? Surely they can give you some interesting results…

Method one: The dice fall where they lay don’t they? what if you love fighters and you end up with 8 strength?? Surely that would inspire you to create a different character, I had a fighter with 6 wisdom once, he made the worst choices but was so much fun, I never would of had that chance if I could tweak what I wanted. Some players may feel they are being forced into playing a character they really don’t want to…

Method two: You get to make a choice, a player would feel like they have some control over the character they are creating.

Methods three & four: The scores get more modifiable, a player can choose a class, and race, this would be good for the player, but it would no doubt allow a player to create the same character over and over…

Method six: An interesting option, it would give some extremely high scores, at the expense of some others, ideal for the min/maxer to go wild, what it looses is the element of chance, of allowing a player to create whatever character they like, I would say this would create the players idea character, possibly at the expense of role playing.

Al player wants to create someone out of the ordinary, why create a normal person when you create someone of note, I think this comes from roleplaying, rather than scores, some of my best characters were average, but they stood out by who they were.

Personally, I go for option 5, not always for the high scores, but for the chance to create anyone you want.

So we talked about this in the forums, you don’t need to comment if you don’t want to, next week I’ll talk about personalising your character, adding interesting character traits…

Jen 19–4-10.

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