Mind Fogger

Copyright Gavin-Hargest

Copyright Gavin-Hargest


”’CLIMATE/TERRAIN”’: dark caves or severely overgrown forests

”’FREQUENCY”’: rare



”’DIET”’: no need for feeding


”’TREASURE”’: 2 black gems worth a lot




”’MOVEMENT”’: 12

”’HIT DICE”’: 8 +8

”’THAC0”’: 14


”’DAMAGE/ATTACK”’: 2d4 +2

”’SPECIAL ATTACKS”’: fog mind, mist blast, shadow arena

”’SPECIAL DEFENSES”’: +1 weapons to hit


”’SIZE”’: 4-5 feet high (M)

”’MORALE”’: around 15, ie pretty high

”’XP VALUE”’: 5000


From the darkness you see some fog flowing in your direction. Suddenly it materializes into the form of a humanoid. It’s all black, even in the brightest light, and its pitch black eyes stare at you.

The mind fogger is a black mist. It has the upper body of a human. Meaning the mist is more tightly packed and forms the general shape of a body a head and arms. It has 2 pitch black gems as eyes. If the mind fogger is killed, these gems fall on the ground as the mist disperses. These are worth between 250 and 750 gold, 250+ d1000/2.


The mind fogger prefers not to fight himself. His strength lies not in its combat prowess. He prefers using minions for his defense and his evil activities. He has a very special method of gaining minions. He usually chooses a village near his dark hideout. As he cannot show himself in the light, he will travel there at night. Once there he will search for a sleeping victim and make his way to the bedroom. His ability to slip through the smallest of spaces make it fairly easy for him to go unnoticed, as well as the fact that he is practically invisible in the shadow unless thoroughly searched for. Once he makes it to a victim, he will use his special ability. He will hover over the victim and emit black rays from his eyes into the victims’ eyes, thus bestowing the curse of the mind fog. A victim must save vs. spell or be affected. If the save is successful, the mind fogger will flee and will be unable to undertake any such action for two days.

When however a victim doesn’t make its save, the curse will take effect slowly. The morning after, the victim will notice little. He’ll just be a bit groggy and more likely to forget things then usual. It will appear as if the victim hasn’t slept very well and is simply tired. In the days after that the victim will start to forget more and more about his life and himself. The victim loses 1 point of Intelligence every day after being affected. It will be as if he can no longer access the information in his head. It is still there, but for some reason he cannot see it clearly. This is how the ‘fogging’ starts. After a number of days equal to his intelligence score, he will have forgotten all about himself and the mind fogger now has full control over him. The day before this happens, the mind fogger will take over. He will let the victim go out into the village or city and have him declare that he is going to leave town for whichever reason, and that he will not return. That night the victim will go away taking all his belongings and travel to the mind foggers’ lair. From that point on, he is a fog zombie. A fog zombie looks the same as the person did in his normal life, with the exception of having dark black eyes. Fog zombies serve the mind fogger, because it is able to place thoughts in their minds, and only letting the fog clear when he wants the zombie to remember something. Fog zombies will appear to act out of free will, knowing all about their skills, their name and those bits of their former life if the mind fogger allows them to remember. They are therefore also just as skilled as they were in their former life. The mind fogger also enhances their combat abilities, increasing their str, dex and con by 2 points. This turns fog zombies into medium to very dangerous opponents. Experience for fog zombies is the same as the experience for the victim in normal life but x1.5.

The mind fogger will try to obtain as many guardians as he can. But if cornered, he is able to defend himself quite well. For one, his lair will usually be trapped and defended. The mind fogger is very smart and will make dangerous traps. Once encountered however, the mind fogger will raise his main defense, casting shadow arena. This fills the area with fog and forces a save vs. spell. If failed, the victim will find himself alone in a dark fogged area facing the mind fogger on his own. The faced opponent is a mind projection, an illusion, and will be able to deal physical damage as described above. The mind fogger will also be able to employ its mind blast ability. This consists of a ray of dark fog which, in a shadow arena, will deal 4d8 points of damage (save vs. spell for half damage). If the victim is able to defeat the mind fogger clone, the shadow arena disapears, revealing the real mind fogger (illusion damage will be healed), but if he loses, he will die in his mind and turn into a fog zombie.
If the initial save vs. spell (against the shadow arena spell) is successful, the mind fogger can be faced right away. In the real world, the mind fogger cannot cause impact damage. Only his mist blast ability is able to subtract 1d2 points of intelligence on a failed save. 0 Int turns one into a fog zombie. His special defense is that only magical weapons of +2 or more are able to harm him and he has minor magic resistance. His biggest and most important weakness is sunlight. Exposure to it disperses him and the mind fog inside the zombies mind in as little as 2 rounds.


His lair is a dark cave or a severely overgrown forest grove.


He lives alone and has no need to feed. He lives for gathering minions and destroying life wherever possible. There is much speculation on how they evolved, but the general belief is that they consist of evil spirits that were given a certain shape by an evil mage or entity. High level mages will be able to explain that it takes a specific enchantment and 2 valuable black gems. After a few days of incantations, the spirit is able to take physical form as a mind fogger.

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