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How much Magic is too much Magic?

These are my views, no one else’s, there have been numerous posts regarding this subject recently offering many different system based ideas, but this is just a suggestion.

So you’re a DM, and you’ve created a wonderous world, ready for your players to inhabit, the adverntures are set and ready to go…

Then the though occurs to you “What magical items should I give to my players??”

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Designing a Fantasy World

So, as promised a while back, here are my views on designing a fantasy world. (Some of this was written by “Rich Staats” and included in the “Book of World Creation” which I’ve uploaded it to PADnD for info).

This entry will cover creating a world, covering two different ideas:

Bottom up – starting small, and extending the world as the PC’s explore, great for a first timer.

Top down – A huge task, creating people, races, maps, religions, things the PC’s won’t see for years.

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