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Orkvren (P.R.E)


3rd Level Monster
Tropical, sub-tropical or temperate jungles/swamps
Activity Cycle:
Average (8-10)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Number Appearing: 1-8 (1d8)
Armor Class:
5 or (2e: 5)
Movement: 10 Sw 8
Hit Dice: 3+1 (25 hit-points)
THACO: 18 (base)
Number of Attacks: 2
1d6/1d4 or by weapon
Special Attacks: Nil
Special Defenses: Nil
Magic Resistance:
Size: M (6’5 -7′ tall)
Morale: Elite (14)
Treasure: Individual O (Lair D)
XP Value: 85

*Indicates a P.R.E add on for additional information, new rules or edition conversion.

Initiative/SF:* +8
Abilities:* Str 14, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 4
Base Attack/Grapple:* +3/+1
Space/Reach:* 7ft./7ft.
Saves:* Mgt+1, Fort +2, Ref +1, Itel-1, Will +0, Alr -3
Skills:* Spot (wis +1), Swim (str +1), Listen (wis +1), Tracking (wis +1)


Known as skógrnaðr “forest serpent” by locals, the Orkvren are a barbaric tribal race of reptilian-like creatures who’s origins are clouded in secrecy. They are thought to be the result of dark magic’s gone wrong, producing a cross breed of Lizardman and Orc, with the cunning and tribal instincts of both these species. Whether this being true or not has never been disproved.

Orkvren are savage of mind and of battle and raid the countryside in the least domesticated areas. They are devilish humanoids that thrive through scavenging, ambushing, fishing and foraging.
Adult Orkvren stand between 6 ½ to 7 feet in height, weighing anywhere from 180 to 250 pounds. Skin tones range from light green to yellowish brown and their skin have small contusions of all sorts and sizes. Their tails are equally marred and have hard leatherlike scales abound averaging 3 to 5 feet long. Males are nearly impossible to distinguish from females without close inspection. Orkvren usually clad themselves in tribal garb including bones, strings, paint, furs and feathers and various other barbaric ornaments. Orkvren speak their own language as well as Lizardman and Orcish..


When in combat, Orkvren fight fiercely and without mercy, yet are unstructured in their attacks and simply engage their enemies with a death to all mentality. If they out number their opponents, they will tend toward frontal assaults and swarm attacks, while if outnumbered or simply outclassed they will ambush or encompass their enemies. If defending their tribe or village, usually snares, pitfalls, sudden and decisive ambushes are all favored tactics. A lone Orkvren will fight just as savagely in melee combat as their counterpart lizard men, but do not wary or become distracted by food (such as slain opponents) and or simple treasures, they tend to act more like their orcish brethren and wait until combat is over to bask in the glory of victory. Orkvren are not interested in slaves and unlike Lizardmen, they will simply kill every living thing which stand before them.

For every 8 Orkvren encountered, there will be a tribal leader with maximum of 50 hit points and a 50% chance for a shaman with 4 Hit Dice and the abilities of a 4th-level druid. If the Orkvren’s tribal village is encountered, each tribe will also have a chieftain leader of 8 Hit Dice, with two or more lesser chieftain with 5 Hit Dice, and up to 4 shaman or shaman warriors (see Ankhur classes) of either 4 or 5 Hit Dice. Any extremely large village with usually have a grand shaman of 7 Hit Dice and will function to that of a 7th level druid.

Orkvren Society

Orkvren are typically found in dark, dank jungles and places that best hide their civilizations from any outsiders. A Orkvren tribe rarely hosts more then 80 individuals, including all shaman, women-folk, shaman warriors and leaders. Unlike Lizardmen, Orkvren rarely make a pact with another Orkvren tribe and will attack and defend against such adversaries in much the same fashion as any other invader. Orkvren are omnivorous, but prefer raw meat to most other foods, especially fresh meat or those they have just slain in battle. Often the corpses of the fallen are taken back to their lair where the Orkvren devour the dead and drench themselves in their victims blood.


Orkvren have few natural enemies and tend to ward of any more powerful creatures quite easily with their bountiful fires, loud noises and erratic ceremonies. They prey on whomever pass within their lands and will often raid small nearby cities. Orkvren give birth like that of their Orcish cousins, but breed at a much slower rate, more closely to that of humans, sometimes even a longer gestation period is required. Orkvren meat and skin is simply inedible, having hard scales and crustaceans across their bodies and a nasty odor to boot. One could only do their best to not vomit from the stench.

Written and designed by Cole Austin, All artwork is copyright © by the original artist, 2010

Jungle Trolg


Jungle Trolg’s are nasty carnivores found only within dense tropical jungles or sometimes within murky forests. Almost all creatures will avoid direct confrontation with these immense monstrosities as they are unswerving in their mind set for death and chaos. The frame of a Trolg is sturdy and robust, boasting long, powerful arms showcased by sharp tipped fingers. Their mass legs are covered in moss, slime and other wetland ooze and end in large three toed feet. The Trolgs’ hide is thick, green, moss or dark gray in color and typically drenched in old matted flesh, slime and perhaps vines from within the Jungle. The Trolgs’ red eyes can see with 90′ infravision. Trolgs walk upright but hunch forward with drooping shoulders. When running their stride is uneven, yet powerful. Trolgs’ have low dexterity and rarely climb, but will when being badgered or tormented from above. Trolgs’ have poor hearing, but their keen sense of smell is second to none. Their large frames and powerful arms allow them to move through the jungle rather then around it as Trolgs prefer to ambush their prey. Trolgs have no language of their own, they only speak a guttural mishmash of giant, orc, and hobgoblin.

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