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The Mage

(Author:Kate Bloomfield)
Kenneth Redding tucked his ten-year-old daughter Helena into bed. She smiled sleepily as he gave her a whiskery kiss upon her cheek and left the room. As he closed the door he saw her tiny frame curl under the blankets and prepare for sleep. While he stood in the hall he heaved a sigh and ignored the pressing thoughts that were tumbling around his mind. He was over tired. Kenneth had worked another twelve-hour day, and all it would amount to was an extra loaf of bread upon the table. He shuffled towards his own bedroom door, and peeked inside. His wife Anya was already asleep, curled up with her back to him. He entered the room, slipped off his work clothes and changed into fresh night garments. As he sunk into bed, his wife stirred. Anya rolled onto her other side to face him. Her eyes were red and puffy. She had been crying before sleep once again. Kenneth had become used to the nighttime sobs. Often he would wake during the night to hear Anya crying quietly. He usually pretended to be asleep, for there was nothing he could do to make things better. Things had gone down hill since his wife Anya had become quite ill and was no longer fit to work. The townís folk whispered that she had lost her mind, yet Kenneth knew it was depression that plagued her. It had been months since their eldest daughter Avalon had vanished in the middle of the night. Kenneth should have known that Avalon would run away for she had expressed her desire to leave Mortlock only hours prior to her disappearance. This was the part that disturbed his family the most, that Avalon had been so ready and willing to never see them again. He didnít like to admit it though, but his youngest child Helena had been much safer since Avalon had left. Safer, yes, but lonely too.

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Not in my world
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