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The Warrior

And out of the darkness, rose a mighty warrior. His eyes glowed an evil red as he looked toward the approaching caravan. A toothy, vile grin creased his face as he thought of the loot he was about to gain. "Soon.." he muttered to himself.The caravan drew near, apparently noone had seen him. He leapt out of the shadows and loosed a terrifying battle cry. The first strikes felled the horses at the lead. Covered with blood he turned his attention to the remaining carts and their drivers who were foolish enough to stay. They fell under his hammering blows and were soon nothing more than a memory in my mind.How I managed to escape that demon of a man is still anyone's guess. All I know is that I have made it my duty to hunt that vile abberation down and revenge my friends and comrades. this has been my pledge for the last four years. I will have my revenge yet!

"Revenge..." said Evelyn to herself as she listened to the man's pledge to have what he wanted. Such occurrences in the city of Kulmn seemed all too frequent. The poor quality of living and oppression tended to drive people to the point of insanity.. She had heard it all, from daemons, to ghouls, to hell gates, to the Gods coming down to wreak vengeance, and back again. She sighed, finished her brandy, and walked out of the tavern, checking the dagger underneath her sleeve to see if it was still easily accessible. The streets have been becoming more dangerous than usual.. doesn't hurt to be prepared.Little did Evelyn know that there is more to this man's story than the rants of a mad-man... so much more...

It was dark outside the tavern as she left. A distant rumble of thunder rolled across the city. "Great," thought Evelyn, "just what this town needs is another storm." A strange mist was forming along the ground and the storm closed in. Evelyn walked faster, hoping to get back to the inn before the storm hit. The mist had already made the flagstone road in the Kulmn slightly slippery and wet. Her mind wandered back to the mad-man’s story as she walked through the mists. "How could one man destroy a caravan so quickly?" she thought, "surely he must have some help to cause that much damage." Her thoughts were interrupted as a brilliant flash of lightning split the sky. In the second of light it provided she saw a dark figure leaning against a building to her left. Instinctively, she checked her dagger once again in case he tried anything foolish. She kept walking and tried to keep an eye on him without making it obvious. The fog was getting fairly thick by now, it was up to her knees and very cold. Another flash of lightning flashed across the night sky. She looked back to where the figure was only to see empty space. "I must be seeing things," Evelyn thought, "that crazy guy must be better at telling stories than I thought…" Just then, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Something was wrong here!

She wasn't sure what was wrong, but there was most certainly something.. the hairs rising on her back had never failed through several of her 'jobs'. Rain began to fall, and Evelyn sped up, looking around for any place to go inside, but it had seemed that the mist was slowly rising upward, and all she could see were shadowy forms through the mist and rain. Suddenly a gust of wind came ripping through the street, and with it, the mist rose and encompassed all around her. It had almost a pleasantly cool feel to it... it held her softly and daintily, and yet at the same time it supported her... Evelyn knew that she had to get out.. but really, she didn't want to.. slowly, she began to lull off to sleep..She felt a jerking motion.. her stomach suddenly hurt... she had been lifted up...and was now in constant motion.. her eyes shot open, and everything was moving about.. she was awake.. the world was shaking, the rain was coming down faster than before, and something had hold of her.. she attempted to twist about and out of the creatures grasp, but found with the combination of jostled movement and the things strong grip, she couldn't escape, and in combination with the drowsiness she was experiencing, she just couldn't get out.A few minutes later, it turned into an alleyway, and set her down. Here the rain didn't hit as often, but it was still slick due to the moistened grime. Evelyn took a few steps back, dagger allready out, only to see the mad-man from the bar.

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